Round 1

A night of success!

Mpembrokemmbrnd1_8M Boxing’s ROUND 1 event was a huge success thanks to the professionalism of the team, the fighter, and the crowd.  A night of raw energy and talent was put on display which makes MM Boxing what it is.

Fusion Nightclub was packed from the outset, with a near sell out crowd in pre sales alone, the atmosphere was electrifying. All made possible by the fighters themselves putting on a great performance. From a dislocated arm to a cold blooded knockout, we seen it all that night.


Genadij pembrokemmbrnd1_6Krajevskij went the distance with Connor McCarthy to take the MM Boxing W.C. Belt in what was a fight that was spent tussling.  The pair showed great spirit and I’m sure it may be a welcomed rematch down the line.

David Morrison Vs Bryan Carter was a spectical of a match up.  Evenly paired, both fighter gave it their all in the first round only to find themselves spent of energy in round two and three.  David took the win after an impressive flurry in what I can only imagine involved the eye of the tiger soundtrack.

The charity bout between David Atkinson Vs Jordan Wright was short lived after Jordan’s arm became dislocated in a lockup between the two fighters.  A few attempts by the medical crew to get his arm back in his socket failed and the bout wpembrokemmbrnd1_5as deemed a no contest.

The Biggest K.O. of the night went to Liam Corness with his stunning overhand right against Nathan Lavery.  Liam forced Nathan to back against the ropes, during the rebound, Liam through the punch that took Nathan by surprise and put him to the canvas hard.  After a short recovery in the ring, Nathan was up and about and in good spirit.  Liam on the other hand was Ecstatic with the stunning victory.

The Final Blow of the night wasn’t to be missed, but blink, and you just might have.  Ashley Gray took on Alfie Roughsedge in the heavyweight class.  The fight was a demonstration of strength between the fighters, but it was Ashley’s body shot combination that ended it early for Alfie.

A MASSIVE thank you to Eddie our compare, Jay Metcalf our ringside judge, Shea Neary our Referee, and our ring girls Gabrielle and Sinead.


We look forward to seeing everyone back for Round2 on Feb 11th 2017.

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